Hair Transplant to Eliminate Bald Spots?

From thinning hair to small bald patches to hair loss – more and more people are affected by these problems, which put a heavy burden on them.

But not only the head of hair suffers and dwindles – self-confidence and the human psyche are also strongly influenced. But what to do? Can a hair transplant eliminate bald spots?

What causes bald spots and how can you prevent them?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, now affects almost half of all men and almost 20% of all women.

As a rule, people lose up to 100 hairs on their head every day, which are normally replaced by the body on its own. On the other hand, with alopecia, the body cannot replace the lost hair, which consequently leads to hair loss.

If you want to research the causes of hair loss, you have to look at a wide range of causes. Starting with a simple iron, zinc or vitamin deficiency caused by an unbalanced diet, followed by stress or certain living conditions, through to illnesses or hormonal imbalances: all of these factors influence hair growth and vary from person to person.

Therefore, it makes the most sense to first ask a doctor what the main reason for your possible hair loss is. Once everything has been clarified, a hair transplant can effectively treat bald spots.

Do hair loss and bald spots always go hand in hand?

In general, there are different forms of hair loss, which differ accordingly in their effects. For example, with alopecia areata, circular hair loss, one or more bald spots appear on the head.

In the case of diffuse hair loss, on the other hand, the hair on the entire head becomes thin, which means that the hair as a whole appears less voluminous and much thinner. People who are affected by hereditary hair loss – i.e., androgenetic alopecia – can also suffer from bald spots.

Ultimately, however, hair loss does not always necessarily lead to bald spots and it always depends on the specific type of hair loss.

When is a hair transplant an option?

Eliminating bald spots with a hair transplant is an option if, for example, you suffer from irreversible (irreversible) or genetic hair loss and have already tried other methods, but these have not shown satisfactory results.

Of course, your health also plays a major role in this. The number of healthy hairs next to the bald spots on the head should be sufficient – if the area of the donor hair is less than 20% of that of the donor area, a comprehensive transplantation would not be possible.

Hair Transplant to Eliminate Bald Spots?

How does a hair transplant work?

First of all, it is determined whether hair transplantation can eliminate bald spots in your case, since not all patients are suitable for this. Your desired hairline will then be drawn in and further wishes will be discussed with you.

A local anesthetic on the scalp is usually sufficient for treating your own hair. In order to achieve a result that is as natural as possible, healthy hair is removed from the donor area at the back of the head and placed in the affected areas during this minimally invasive procedure.

The tiny extraction points are later hardly or not at all visible. Depending on what you want, need and need, around 2,500 – 4,000 so-called grafts are usually implanted.

Complications rarely occur during or after the treatment. There may be temporary redness and swelling in the area of the transplanted hair, which will subside after a few days.

Can I expect guaranteed results?

If all the necessary conditions are met, a hair transplant can effectively combat bald spots. Through professional and excellent work, the doctors are able to deliver convincing results and thus fulfill the wishes of the patients.

However, the first successes of the treatment are usually not immediately visible: due to the short-term lack of nutrients during the removal, the new hair falls out in the first four weeks – naturally without roots – but then grows back after 3 to 4 months and stays until the end of the month receive end of life.

Eliminating bald spots with a hair transplant is possible

In summary, it is possible to eliminate bald spots with a hair transplant thanks to state-of-the-art methods.

Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with the experts at Medprime Clinic to find out more and to clarify the options in your individual case.

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