Hair Transplantation: When are The Grafts Firmly Established?

In the case of a hair transplant, your behavior in the following days and weeks has a decisive influence on the result. After a hair transplant, the question arises as to when the grafts are firm. In this article you will learn which activities you can do again, when and when the healing process is complete.

After the hair transplant, when are the grafts firm again?

In the case of a hair transplant, healing begins immediately after the procedure. You will notice the first symptoms just a few hours later:

  • itching on the scalp
  • Swelling as the anesthetic escapes
  • Crust formation for wound closure
  • Redness on the scalp.

You will also feel a slight pain as the effects of the anesthetic wear off. You can avoid this by using the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

From when the grafts are firm can be determined in different degrees. After just one or two days, the grafts are roughly healed. However, this does not mean that all usual activities will be possible again.

The grafts and your scalp are still sensitive. What matters now is the correct behavior after the hair transplant, so that the transplant units grow well and the healing process runs quickly.

Hair Transplantation: When are The Grafts Firmly Established?

When is showering possible?

You can wash your hair for the first time 48 hours after hair implantation, but you should not take a proper shower then. Showering directly under the shower head could interfere with the healing process if the water is pressurized onto your scalp.

The crusts could become softened or destroyed, leading to infection and graft failure.

You can shower for the first time ten days after the hair transplant, from when the grafts are firm. Taking a shower is also a good time to wash your hair. However, make sure that the shower is not too hot and that you do not hold your head under the shower head for too long. Don’t adjust the jet too much.

Her scalp is still red. The crusts do not fall off until 10 to 14 days after the procedure. If you turn on the tap too much, the redness could increase.

When is the hair washed?

After two days, the hair can be washed again. Be careful when washing your hair. Apply a special lotion to your head without rubbing. Leave the lotion on for about 45 minutes, then rinse with warm, but not hot, water and a medium jet.

Don’t rub it. Then apply the special shampoo carefully and let it work for about two minutes. Wash off the shampoo with warm water and a medium jet. Then pat your head dry with a lint-free cloth. Under no circumstances should you blow dry, as this would have a negative effect after the hair transplant, regardless of when the grafts are firm.

When are you allowed to exercise?

If you like being active in sports, it is understandable that you would like to do sports again as soon as possible. In the first 14 days after hair transplantation, you should avoid physical exertion, which includes heavy physical work and sports.

After a hair transplant, when the grafts are firm depends crucially on you avoiding sweating. The sweat can soften the scabs and lead to infection. The growth of the grafts can be impaired.

Which sports activities are possible from when?

You can start exercising again 14 days after hair implantation, but it depends on the type of sport:

  • 14 days later: jogging, light workout, gymnastics, Nordic walking, hiking
  • four weeks later: weight training, swimming, water sports
  • six weeks later: all sports possible again

For at least four weeks you should avoid sports that require you to wear a helmet and that involve a high risk of impact or falling. It depends crucially on your behavior after the hair transplant when the grafts are firm.

Swelling and bruising can occur in the event of a fall or impact, which impairs the growth of the grafts and the healing process.

What is possible after one month?

When are the grafts firm? After a month you can be sure that the grafts are really tight. At least in theory, headers in football or boxing are possible again.

You can also swim again because the crusts have healed and the redness has subsided. Still, you should be careful not to interfere with hair regrowth.

What else should you avoid?

In the first four weeks after hair transplantation, you should not go to the sauna, solarium or swimming pool. Sweating, high temperatures, sun, sea water and chlorinated water can irritate the scalp and impair the healing process. Swimming and sauna are possible again after four weeks.

A sunburn on the head is also harmful if you have not had a hair transplant. When it comes to the sun, it plays a minor role in a hair transplant from when the grafts are firm. Basically, you should avoid intense sun exposure for two to three months after the procedure.

You should not dye your hair again earlier than six weeks after hair implantation. Your still sensitive scalp could be irritated by the color.

Grafts become firm after just a few days

After a hair transplant, your behavior decides when the grafts are firm. The transplanted hair follicles are already healed a day or two after the hair transplant, but your scalp will still be sensitive.

The crusts fall off after about two weeks, while the redness only subsides after four weeks. You can wash your hair 48 hours after the procedure, but showering is only allowed again ten days later. You can do light sports after 14 days, while you have to wait even longer for other sports, swimming and sauna. After four weeks, the grafts are completely healed.

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