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Before the Start of Operations

Before having a hair transplant, clients should be aware of certain details. You must first make contact with the Medprime Clinic, complete the necessary paperwork, and schedule an appointment before the procedures start. You can schedule a consultation with a hair transplant professional who will assist you with everything when you visit Turkey.

No haircut is required before to beginning the procedure. If shaving is judged necessary by professionals during the surgery, it is done during a hair transplant. You can also let your hair grow to be between one and two inches long.

You can eat your typical breakfast before visiting the clinic, but avoid consuming any big meals. You’ll benefit from eating a small breakfast before the procedure.

Any medications you regularly use or recently stop taking should be disclosed to your doctor. Conditions like asthma and allergic responses should also be mentioned because they will impact the procedure. Additionally, it’s crucial to mention these before the procedure if you’ve ever had surgery.

It is necessary to cease taking aspirin, vitamin B, and vitamin E, which cause the blood to clot, a week prior to the procedures. In addition, it should be emphasized that alcohol shouldn’t be consumed because local anaesthetic is utilized during hair transplant treatments. Additionally, to have a quicker recovery, we advise against smoking both before and after the procedure.

You shouldn’t use or wear items like hair oil or gel while going to the procedure, as well as accessories like caps. You can speak with the Medprime Clinic staff to learn more about hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Procedures

At Medprime Clinic, four different hair transplant techniques are used. These are DHI Hair Transplant, Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant, and FUE Hair Transplant. Healthy hair follicles are removed one at a time during the FUE hair transplantation procedure using micro-pencil tips and added to a specific solution. This preserves its life and allows it to be put where the channels are opened, allowing them to be opened one at a time.

The micro-motor pen tip used in Sapphire FUE hair transplants is the sole element that distinguishes it from FUE. This substance helps to minimize any scalp rashes that can develop. Additionally, it is preferred based on the patients’ health and allergy status.

An improved variation of the FUE hair transplant procedure is the DHI hair transplant procedure. One by one, healthy hair follicles are removed and implanted with micro tips in accordance with the established natural hairline. The procedure takes less time than others because there is no need to open the channel in this case. Cutting-edge technology-based DHI hair transplant procedures show no channel opening condition.

The patient’s hair structure often affects how each hair transplant procedure is performed. Under local anesthesia, the patient can complete the procedure by standing and conversing with the specialists. You won’t experience any pain because local anaesthetic is used before, during, and after the procedure. Operations involving hair transplants are finished after a 6- to 7-hour session.

Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

Depending on the circumstances, your doctor may decide to bandage the area where the hair transplant was done. On the first day following the hair transplant, if it is not bound, you can also visit the Medprime Clinic and begin the first hair-washing procedure. The surgical scars in the donor area and the locations where extra hair follicles are inserted are simultaneously examined during this process. To stop any irritation from forming, the appropriate inspections and maintenance are performed.

It is crucial that the initial hair washing is carried out by professionals at a clinic rather than at home. It works well to position the roots so they can get air without harming the hair follicles and enable the scalp to heal more quickly.

Use the shampoo and hair spray that the hair restoration specialist advised you to use after the procedure. You can keep washing your hair at home as directed after the initial wash. You should scrub the transplanted and donor sites once a day during this process. To protect the grafts, it’s crucial to wash your hair with careful fingertip strokes. The doctors at the Medprime Clinic may also provide you with more specific information regarding shampooing your hair following the surgery.

Long-Term Hair Care After Hair Transplant

For the first two weeks following the hair transplant procedure, crusting is seen in the treated areas. This is perfectly normal but signals the beginning of the healing process. It’s crucial to sleep upright for the first five days after surgery for the edema from the procedure to go down. You should use the shampoo and hair spray that were given to you specifically for this treatment gently.

Ten days following surgery, you can begin using your shampoo. As a result of washing, the incrustations en the treated areas gradually dissolve. At the same time, your scalp resembles how it did before. In the first month or two after graft placement, spills happen. You shouldn’t be concerned in this situation. because fresh hair growth will be seen after shedding.

After having a hair transplant for six months, you may see that your new hair is growing in. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you can have hair that is the same fullness and length as the rest of your hair within a year. You can continue washing your hair as usual between these procedures, but not too vigorously.

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